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Luang Por Thongdum was born on 19 August B.E. 2477 at the village of Prangu in Sri Saket Province; he was the third child of his parents’ four children.

When Thongdam Puiob – LP Thongdum’s real name – was still young he studied at Wat Ban Prasat and continued to do so until the age of ten. But due to the fact that his family was suffering from poverty he had to quit his studies at the temple and go back to his parents’ house to help his family out in farming their land.

At the age of twenty-two LP Thongdum went to study with various teachers, such as Phra Kru Virutammagij, Ajahn Ngow and Ajahn Poh at Wat Samoh, at the Prangu District in Sri Saket Province. After some time he reached higher levels of Dhamma studies. Then LP Thongdum went to LP Mun of WatPrasat Yea Neua and Ajahn Thongsook of Wat Ban Pet who taught him the WichaLP Thongdum also received teachings on sak yant from AjahnThongsook.
However, soon after he had completed his studies with Ajahn Thongsook he would be assigned as abbot of Wat Prasat Jant Ngo. He spent a period of twelve years rebuilding the temple as instructed by LP Mun. When the temple was finally fully rebuilt LP Thongdum could pick up his practice of forest wandering (tudong) again.

During one of these forest wanderings he travelled through Ubon Ratchathani where he met Ajahn Hom of whom it is believed that he had attained a very high level in meditation practice. Therefore, LP Thongdum decided to take a break from his tudong practice and thus he went to practice meditation together with Ajahn Hom. When they stayed in the forest together LP Thongdum could simultaneously continue his practice of the Wicha.
Every morning he joined Ajahn Hom on going on alms round across the border into Laos. After many years of learning LP Thongdum finally completed his studies as taught by Ajahn Hom. He, therefore, decided to pick up the practice of tudong once again. When he left he was given a Buddhist scripture (Phra Dhamma Gaow Goti) by Ajahn Hom.

Then, in B.E. 2512 LP Thongdum would arrive at Lopburi. When he was taking a rest at Tham Phra Narai Khao Wong, he got invited by Nang Pisamai to a eerie and quite place, which later would be better known as Wat Tham Tapian Thong. Back in the days it was believed by most people that this was a haunted place, so nobody really dared to go in there. LP Thongdum couldn’t care less and decided to stay there. Then he found a cave in this place which nobody knew it was there before. Thus LP Thongdum decided to reside in this cave.

The news spread fast and soon many people would come to visit LP Thongdum in the cave. At that time LP Thongdum would start to make sak yant for his devotees. As time passed LP Thongdum’s sak yant became well known. Unfortunately it happened that some of his devotees had used LPThongdum’s sak yant to do bad things which soon after led to LP Thongdum being summoned by the government that ordered him to quit making sak yant.

Later, in the years from B.E 2520 to 2524, LP Thongdum got frequently invited to Bangkok for ceremonial blessing rituals. During that time he met many other well known monks, such as LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee; LP Eia of Wat Bandan; LP Kammi of Wat Tham Kuha Sawan; LP Tit of Wat Palelai; LP Sud of Wat Kalong; and LP Pring of Wat Bod Gong Tanu.

During one of his visits to Bangkok LP Thongdum recognized LP Toh’s profound skills in samadhi. Thus, LP Thongdum took the opportunity to study theWicha from LP Toh as well. Since then he resides in Wat Tham Tapian Thong where he started to make amulets.

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