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Nam Man Prai is an animist love potion that has its origin in the Legend of Phra Khun Phaen. This particular charm oil is believed among Thai people to be an incredibly powerful tool in the practice of black magic.

Nam Man Prai consist of a mixture of sacred herbs and bodily fluids or fat (ritually) obtained from a pregnant woman who died an unnatural death (i.e. suicide). This particular kind of spirit is to believed very vengeful indeed, for it suffers from grief as a result of having failed in giving birth to her child. Thus, the spirit is prepared to do whatever it takes to accumulate the merit she needs in order to move on to a better form of existence in a future rebirth. Therefore, a person should carefully consider before renting a Nam Man Prai, for it requires regularly worshipping on a daily basis due to the fact that the Nam Man Prai bottle contains a spirit which need to be given offerings to. Also, the person should remember that it is extremely important not to abuse this kind of magic, or else the worshipper will have to face serious consequences as a result from his harmful and selfish acts.

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