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Pha Yant Mahasetthi – LP Aun, Wat Dhamma Ko Sok
  • Year: B.E. 2551
  • Size: 37 cm x 32 cm


This pha yant ’Mahasetthi Kaeo Mani Chot’ is inscribed and consecrated by Luang Por Aunt himself in the year B.E. 2551.

Apart from the image of Luang Por Aunt, the pha yant also features various mythological animals (‘himapant’), such as two Vanora (monkey soldiers in service of the army of Phra Ram), two Rajasri (lions), as well as two birds: Garuda and Jatayu.

Due to fact that this pha yant is consecrated with the magical powers of the various mythological animals, worshipping this pha yant is believed to improve the worshipper’s general luck and fortune, as well as providing him/her with protection against negative influences.

Luang Por Aunt is a well-known guru master in Uthai Thani province. People often refer to him as “Luang Por Aunt Tewada” (‘tewada’ means ‘god’/’deity’, coming from the Pāli word ‘devatā’).
When he was still a layman Luang Por Aunt had been a follower of the famous Kruba Srivichai from Chiang Mai province. Luang Por Aunt often joined Kruba Srivichai on his forest wanderings (‘tudong’). Back then he was working as a police officer, being a subordinate of the famous laymaster Ajahn Khun Pan.
Eventually Luang Por Aunt was ordained in B.E. 2498.

Aside from learning many different wicha (magical traditions and skills) from Kruba Srivichai, Luang Por Aunt also studied with other famous Thai guru masters, like Luang Por Suk of Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao, Luang Por Derm of Wat Nong Pho, Luang Por Jungtara from Chai Nat, Luang Pu Ploy of Wat Huay Kha Nang, Luang Pu Kleub of Wat Hnong Gradee, Luang Por Ken of Wat Dong Setthi and Luang Por Poon of Wat Nong Ta Ngoo.


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