Jinapañjara Ghātā – The Protection Stanzas of the Victorious One

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1.         Jayāsanāgatā Buddhā jetvā māraṁ savāhanaṁ
            Catusaccāsabhaṁ rasaṁ ye pivinsu narāsabhā.

Those Buddhas who defeated the Māra and his hosts, were the most brave, sublime, noble and mightiest of men who had sipped the immortal taste of the Four Noble Truths.

2.         Taṇhaṅkarādayo Buddhā aṭṭhavīsatināyakā
            Sabbe patiṭṭhitā mayhaṁ matthake te munissarā.

The twenty-eight Buddhas, one of whom was Taṇhaṅkarā Buddha, were true leaders of the world. May each and every one of those wise sages be dwelling upon the crown of my head.

3.         Sīse patiṭṭhito mayhaṁ Buddho Dhammo davilocane
            Saṅgho patiṭṭhito mayhaṁ Ure sabbagunākaro.

May all the Buddhas be enshrined on my head and in my eyes their Sacred Teachings;
in my heart the community of noble disciples of the Blessed One who are the spring of all virtues.

4.         Hadaye me Anuruddho Sārīputto ca dakkhiṇe
            Koṇḍañño piṭṭhibhāgasmiṁ Moggallāno ca vāmake.

May Anuruddha Thera dwell in my heart, Sārīputta Thera – the Chief Disciple – at my right side,
Koṇḍañña Thera at the back and Moggallāna – the other Chief Disciple – be at the left.

5.         Dakkhiṇe savane mayhaṁ āsuṁ Ānanda Rāhulo
            Kassapo ca Mahānāmo Ubhāsuṁ vāmasotake.

Likewise, may Ānanda and Rāhula dwell at my right ear,
and at my left ear dwell Kassapa and Mahānāma.

6.         Kesato piṭṭhibhāgasmiṁ suriyo va pabhaṅkaro
            Nisinno sirisampanno Sobhito munipuṅgavo.

May the mighty sage, Sobhita, seated in all his glory, like the blazing sun, dwell upon every hair-tip on my head.

7.         Kumārakassapo thero mahesi cittavādako
            So mayhaṁ vadane niccaṁ patiṭṭhāsi guṇākaro.

May Kumāra Kassapa Thera, one who seeks the greatest virtues, commands fine speech and is the spring of fine virtues, always be the dwelling guardian of my mouth.

8.         Puṇṇo Aṅgulimālo ca Upālī Nanda Sīvalī
            Therā pañca ime jātā nalāṭe tilakā mama.

May these five Elders –Puṇṇa Thera, Aṅgulimāla Thera, Upālī Thera, Nanda Thera and Sīvalī Thera– be just like the auspicious marking annointed on my forehead.

9.         Sesāsīti mahātherā vijitā jinasāvakā
            Etesīti mahātherā jitavanto jinorasā
            Jalantā sīlatejena aṅgamaṁgesu saṇṭhitā.

May all the rest of the eighty great disciples and sons of the Buddha, the Victorious One, who have defeated all their defilements and prosper by the moral disciplines they adhere to, condescend in to be with me all the minor and major organs of mine.

10.       Ratanaṁ purato āsi dakkhiṇe mettasuttakaṁ
            Dhajaggaṁ pacchato āsi vāme Aṅgulimālakaṁ.

May the Ratana Sutta be remained to my front, may the Metta Sutta be at my right side, may the Dhajagga Sutta be remained at the back and may the Aṅgulimā Sutta be remained at my left.

11.       Khandhamoraparittañca āṭānāṭiyasuttakaṁ
            Ākāse Chadanaṁ āsi sesā pākārasaṇṭhita.

The Khandha Paritta, Mora Paritta, the Āṭānāṭiya Sutta and the rest form a sheltering frame for me, just like the roof above and the walls around me.

12.       Jināṇāvarasaṁyutta sattappākāralaṅkatā
            Vātapittādisañjātā bāhirajjhattupaddavā.

May the sublime Dhamma, which is the power of the Victorious One, be adorned upon me, just like a seven-layer wall protecting me from all outside and inside dangers or perils, which may arise from whatever natural causes, wind or bile, so that there will be none of these dangers left to remain.

13.       Asesā vinayaṁ yantu anantajinatejasā
            Vasato me sakiccena sadā sambuddhapañjare.

Let all the remaining illnesses be got rid of by the power of the Victorious One whose virtues are endless, all throughout time when I keep observing the moral disciplines of the fully Awakened One.

14.       Jinapañjaramajjhamhi viharantaṁ mahītale
            Sadā pālentu maṁ sabbe te mahāpurisā sabhā.

May all those great and brave Noble Ones who live in the midst of the Victorious One on this earth protect and guard me.

15.       Iccevamanto sugutto surakkho
            Jinānubhāvena jitupaddavo
            Dhammānubhāvena jitārisaṅgho
            Saṅghānubhāvena jitantarāyo
            Saddhammānubhāvapālito carāmi jinapañjareti.

Indeed, thus am I well protected as all the distresses have been rid of by the Victorious One;
so may whatever potential dangers there may be in the future, be eliminated by the power of the Dhamma and Saṅgha, and may the same power of the truth of Dhamma protect and guide me, so that I may live and thrive on the path of the Victorious One.

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