Phra Mae Torani Nawa Metal Loi Ongk Statuette of the Earth Goddess by Luang Por Kalong of Wat Kaolam

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The image of Phra Mae Torani (Sanskrit; Pāli: Dharaṇī) represents the Earth Goddess in Buddhist mythology. This deity plays an important role in Thai Buddhism, for it is believed that Phra Mae Torani played a crucial role in the moment prior to the Buddha’s realization of enlightenment. Before achieving liberation (Sanskrit: nirvāṇa; Pāli: nibbāna) the ‘Buddha-to-be’ (Sanskrit: bodhisattva; Pāli: bodhisatta) was assaulted by the demon Māra and his armies. The Buddha then stretched his right hand to touch the earth, thereby defying Māra. Whilst touching the earth the Buddha summoned Phra Mae Torani to be his witness of all his countless merit and virtues accumulated through many rebirths. Thus the Earth Goddess washes Māra’s legions away with the water squeezed from her wet hair. This allowed the Buddha to conquer Mara’s legions and to attain ultimate awakening.

Phra Mae Torani Nawa Metal Loi Ongk Statuette

The loi ongk figurine is made from sacred nawa metals, and it contains holy minerals and a gold leaf yantra foil in the base of the amulet. The statuette is made by the famous Buddhist monk Luang Por Kalong of Wat Kaolam. Luang Por Kalong was assisted by other renown masters, like Luang Por Daeng of Wat Huay Cha Long, Luang Por Aun of Wat Dhamma Ko Sok, and Luang Por Nuam of Wat Poh Sri Chalern, to consecrate the amulets from this batch. After Luang Por Kalong passed away in the year 2554 BE (2011 CE), the price of his amulets increased rapidly since no one wanted to miss the opportunity to obtain a genuinely powerful amulet made and blessed by one of Thailand’s greatest guru masters of the present era. Today Luang Por Kalong’s amulets have become a rarity in Thailand. Considering the international popularity of the deceased master and the ever-growing demand for his amulets, it is thus estimated that the price of exclusive items such as this Phra Mae Torani loi ongk statuette will continue to rise in the future.

Phra Mae Torani Nawa Metal Amulet of the Earth Goddess

The Dharaṇī amulet can be used for the purpose of performing bucha (Sanskrit; Pāli: pūjā) to the Earth Goddess, whose image is an important religious symbol of victory to Buddhists in general. The female Buddhist deity selflessly gives mercy to those who are in desperate need of help. In this way Phra Mae Torani always upholds true justice, helping people to overcome obstacles, to remove bad luck, and to destroy evil. Hence this rare and unique loi ongk statuette by Luang Por Kalong allows one to invoke the Earth Goddess in order to ask for her blessings of compassion. In doing so, the worshipper can make specific requests to the spirit of Phra Mae Torani, so that she can help solve one’s problems and improve one’s luck.

Phra Mae Torani Buddhist Earth Goddess amulet by Luang Por Kalong

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