Chuchok Som Prathana Magic Money Bag by Luang Por Daeng of Wat Huay Chalong

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Chuchok Som Prathana literally means ‘Chuchok’s wishes being fulfilled’ in Thai, which refers to the story of Chuchok the beggar (Pāli: Jujaka) as told in the Vessantara Jātaka. According to this Jātaka tale, at one point Jujaka’s wife refused to take care of her husband any longer, so he was forced to find himself some servants who could help him to get his food and water. Not knowing where to find himself servants, Jujaka went to see Prince Vessantara (the previous incarnation of the Buddha) and desperately asked him for his two children. The Prince agreed to Jujaka’s request on the condition that he would bring the children to their grandfather; i.e., King Sañjaya.

Chuchok Som Prathana Magic Money Bag

Initially the children did not want to go with the beggar, but eventually they did what they were told by their father, for he said that by performing this deed he could attain liberation. And so, when Jujaka brought the children to their grandfather, the King rewarded the beggar with a large amount of money, just as had been foretold by Prince Vessantara (i.e., the Buddha-to-be). This instantly turned the poor beggar into an extremely wealthy man, as his accrued merit from countless noble deeds performed in the past now had come to full fruition, thereby allowing him to improve his luck, fate and fortune.

Chuchok Som Prathana Money Bag by Luang Por Daeng

This sacred yantra cloth featuring the image of Jujaka along with various magic spells has first been empowered by Luang Por Daeng for nine days and nine nights at Wat Huay Chalong. Then followed the official consecration ceremony at Wat Suthat in Bangkok on June 27th, 2551 BE (2008 CE). A group of highly revered Thai guru masters joined this ritual ceremony to bestow their blessings upon the amulets that were empowered during this auspicious event. Thus, the Chuchok Som Prathana amulet from the Ruay Sap Ruay Choke (‘Wealthy in Belongings and Fortune’) batch is blessed by famous Buddhist monks like Luang Por Kalong of Wat Kaolam, Luang Por Aun of Wat Dhamma Kosok, Luang Por Sompong of Wat Mai Pin Klaew, Luang Por Siri of Wat Than (Nonthaburi Province), Luang Por Foo of Wat Bang Samak, and Luang Por Somkid of Wat Nern Sathan.

Chuchok Som Prathana by Luang Por Daeng of Wat Huay Chalong

Moreover, to consecrate the magic money bag, Luang Por Daeng used several different wicha (’empowerment methods’), including mer dak ngern mer dak thong (the magical skill of fetching silver and gold), perd grahmom suam mongkut phra jao kad mongkol sam say, and phra khan chai sri. All of the aforementioned wicha are aimed at increasing one’s monetary wealth and valuable material possessions, as well as endowing the worshipper with virtuous qualities to perform meritorious deeds which help improve one’s karma.

Chuchok Beggar's Money Bag for Good Luck and Fortune

Ghātā / Mantra

Ete ca suṇena pūjāna vihe namo Jujako etī ti.

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