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Buddha Magic is a well-known aspect of the Thai culture. The popularity of charismatic monks and ascetics can be seen clearly in the amulet cult. In contemporary Western society these cultural practices are often labeled as animist, but this observation fails to recognize the fact that animism and occult practices are perfectly blended together into Thai Theravāda Buddhism, which, over time, have lead to an unique variant of Buddhism in Thailand.

Due to the general acceptance of Buddha Magic in modern day Thai society, the popularity of this phenomenon has become bigger than ever before, and its widespread popularity continues to increase still today.  The mass belief in Buddha Magic has spread among all layers of society, especially in the big cities and educated people. The result of strong faith people have in the supernatural powers of Buddha Magic has increased both national as international interest in Thai Buddhist amulets. Because of reasons such as these, it did not take very long before there was  established an amulet market on the internet. Many amulet dealers on the internet soon started trading for the primary concerns of enhancement of their individual economical benefits. As with many different kinds of trade that evolve around money, many controversies arise about large scale production of replicas. Modern technological development techniques have become highly advanced, thereby making it in some cases extremely hard to distinguish authentic amulets in the midst of its so many fake reproductions. In this way, the sincere faith and genuine interest of the amulet collector or hobbyist are rather easily exploited by the crooked dealers.

Thus, by means of publication of articles, our website is intended to serve as information source in regard to understanding the socio-cultural and cultural historical background of the  general (religious) context of ritual practices and objects of worship in Thailand.

Our stock of Thai Buddhist amulets is composed with care and attention for the amulets’ authenticity, their potential mystical powers, their sacred ingredients, rarity, their maker (teacher/master) and their place (or temple) of origin. By operating in this way, we are thus able to garantee the authenticity of the amulets we have in our amulet store. Moreover, we offer our customers 100% ‘not authentic, money back’ warranty for an indefinite period of time.



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